Cannot Install Custom BootAnimation Much Less AndroidSDK???

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    Greetings, I'm not an IT professional but tend to follow
    direction very well, that said...

    -I have a stock Droid with the latest OTA 2.1 update.
    -Window's 7 Premium 64bit.
    -UAC is always disabled
    -It mounts correctly, and debugging seems to work.

    I have downloaded Android SDK
    (making sure it was the latest version and for my OS)
    I have downloaded Java JDK SE: JDK 6 Update 20.

    I have followed instructions from various sources which
    seem to follow the same protocols/directions:

    -launch CMD type CD\
    -adb shell (shows a long list of items)
    -adb push /data/local
    (there were other directions, which I've forgotten but

    no serial number pops up.
    no data transfers

    When I initiate The final command: device not found.

    I have downloaded the correct drivers labeled:
    usb_driver and put it into the android\tools folder

    My goal is to get a inside the Droid's
    correct directory without having to root, which I read was/is possible?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    I'm online so I'll be sure to respond quickly.

    I read this Big Lou's thread here:

    I watched a Youtube video and even added a *path* under environment variables
    that reads: ;C:\android\tools or something to that effect.

    I'd like to add when I try to install the SDK setup exe inside the
    file I downloaded: I get a cannot find java in path, or doesn't even see a *suitable* Java?
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    I really don't think you can do that without root access since you're trying to access directories that aren't accessible without root. I could be wrong, though...