Can no longer get custom ringtones for my contacts on the S7 Edge

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    It seems that my S7 Edge (Carrier: Verizon) has recently lost the ability to maintain custom ringtones assigned to specific contacts that I've had since the S5. I use Deja Office (a wonderful app that lets me sync Android and Outlook). The contact listing in Deja Office still shows the custom ringtone, but it doesn't seem to be recognized when the phone rings. And I find it very useful to have custom ringtonesso I can screen my calls before I even look at the device.

    If I follow the directions for setting/editing custom ringtones in the Contact App the area that has the the fields for Ringtone, Message tone and Vibration Pattern is unavailable. If I want to create a new contact using the Contact App, then those fields are available. But I prefer to use Deja Office.

    Is there something I am missing? I notice that between Verizon and Samsung there are updates that change this and that and which are not specifically listed anywhere. For example, when I make or receive a call there is a new dialog box that opens up which has information about the previous record of calls, the phone number and the contact icon (in my case its the Deja Office contact).
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