Camera360 save path to external SDcard problem

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 3' started by Nazzy, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Apr 28, 2014
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    i can't set save path to external SdCard, it didn't show folder when click external storage in Camera360 setting, when i change at
    at line <string name="pref_camera_save_path_key">/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/<string> (Default path)
    <string name="pref_camera_save_path_key">/storage/extSdCard/DCIM/Camera/<string>
    and i open Camera360, it does changed. but when i take a picture, i can't open the picture, and it ask me to delete the thumbnail, in gallery, it show broken picture. it's not work at that way.

    so how do i fix th:'(is.
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