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    The Rabbit Dev Team is looking for great themers to join our Rabbit Dev Community.

    The “Rabbit Launcher” is a light-weight, high-performance Android launcher that offers full support for 3D effects and animation. You will find that the Rabbit Launcher’s vivid 3D, animated themes/live wallpaper are unmatched by any other available in the market.

    Here is a simple comparison:

    [Go Launcher’s 2D Themes]

    [Rabbit Launcher’s 3D Themes]

    The launcher has been released for free via Google Play on the 30th of April. A variety of free and paid 3D themes are also available through Google Play.

    3D themes/live wallpapers are created by using the Rabbit Dev. Tool, which provides for a Flash MX and 3D MAX-like UI as well as functions that just make developing easier.

    We will provide developers with the Rabbit Dev. Tool with a limited FREE license for the first 6 months. After the free license expires, a commercial term will be applied – royalties will be shared for paid themes that are released after the trial period. During the trial, developers may release as many free or paid themes at no cost!

    The Rabbit Development Team also provides technical support at all times to help developers create high quality 3D themes and live wallpaper.

    Email us at (at) rabbitlauncher (dot) com or our homepage (Rabbit Launcher) for more details.

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