Calendar alarm problem with droid 2 on 0.7

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    Im on 0.7

    I installed the business calendar app (was free from amazon a few weeks ago.)

    Ever since then, my calendar app sends notifications to me about 30 minutes AFTER the notification time that I have set. (I.e. I stary work at 5am, I have a notification set for 10 mins before, but I get notified at 520am that I have work)


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    Found this post on a search for problems with Business Calendar regarding the alarm. I'm having trouble as well. I put in the settings for no alarm for events. I don't have any alarms set for events when I enter them in my Google Calendar on my PC. Yet all the events I enter, show up in Business Calendar with a ten minute alarm setting. Couldn't figure out how to disable the function, so I uninstalled Business Calendar and went back to the built in calendar app.
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