Buy Select Movies From The Play Store Get One Free To Gift To A Friend!

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    What do you buy your friends for Christmas? If you have a bunch of friends and coworkers you probably want to get them all a little something, but you don't want to look cheap and you probably don't want to break the bank. In this day and age I think we are past the "fruitcake" gift. Google is offering the perfect alternative to fruitcake gifting!

    Google is currently offering a Buy One Gift One offer on select Play Store movies. The selection is actually pretty great!

    Movies Include:

    -Jurassic Park
    -Love Actually
    -Despicable Me
    -Despicable Me 2
    -Pitch Perfect
    -Back To The Future
    -Fast and Furious 6

    Purchase any of these movies before December 17 and you will receive an email with a code for the movie you have purchased. You can then forward the code to your best buddy! This could also be great for giving someone you know is receiving a new tablet some great new content for them to view on their new device. Head to the link below for the offer.

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