Building USB Solar Panels for my android tablet - help?

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    I have an android tablet, (7 inch capacitive a13 android 4.0 tablet) that I'd like to attempt to build an amorphous (like a household calculator solar panel) solar panel for so that the tablet would run/be powered by ordinary indoor lighting (household lamps) so that, say, I could take this tablet to a coffee shop like Barnes & Noble and use it without plugging it into the wall socket/running it off of the interior battery, and for the past 2 - 3 days I was searching online for answers, I think I found some possible answers here (see links)

    USB solar panel project

    and as for the amorphous solar (these run off of ordinary indoor lighting, making it unnecessary to leave it outdoors in the sun) panels, I found this:

    well, this is all i can find, now to get some old calculators and remove the solar panels and... experiment.

    opinion, please?
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