BREAKING Verizon and AT&T MOTO X Rooted!

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    The Root method has finally been released! After a few days of teasing us with pictures of rooted Moto X devices JCase has decided to release his root method to the masses! The method is incredibly simple. Install his root app, then run it, it will reboot the device, then just install the supersu app by chainfire. Then enjoy the pleasures of root! It is very important that you not try this method on any non Motorola device as you may end up with a brick. This root method uses 2 vulnerabilities to achieve root. JCase has also tweeted that he has a second root method on deck. Im guessing this would be made available when Verizon rushes to patch the current method with an ota update. That being said DON't accept any OTA updates from Verizon or AT&T if you would like to maintain root.

    Via XDA
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