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    I had a Standard Droid Razr for a couple of years and the bluetooth worked fine. I listen to books while coming and going to work and when I got a call it would switch back quickly after the call to the book. I now have a Droid Razr Max and the same senario take 15 20 seconds or more to switch back to my book. Is this normal? Why would the newer phone do this?
    I asked at the dealership (car) and they blamed it on the fact that I was using an app to control the book. Same app as the old phone so I doubt that is the answer.
    Also question 2 on bluetooth. If I play music on the phone through the car it will always restart the music. Even if I want to listen to the books. I closed the music and it still plays. I need to do this several times before it will stop going to play music.
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