BigDXCrystalX4GB591 Theme

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by 04CiviCon20s, May 14, 2011.

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    Just thought I would share this with all my fellow ZombieStomped1.65 aka, ZS1.65 rom Rockers..I know that Dark passenger is out for that rom as well as a couple others but none of the current ones appealed to me. I luv Blue themes so much and decided to take my chances and load BigDXCrystal on ZS1.65. Glad that I did, theme loaded up w/out a hitch, no FCs at all, in fact IMHO, it looks fantastic. The rom is Bananas so it's only right to have a Sik Theme to ice it out with. Enjoy it everyone.:)

    PROPS to the Creator of BigDXCrystalX , I've enjoyed your themes since my very early D1 days and now Gratefully, DX as well.

    Edit; Just found out that no pulldown w/this theme ..Oh oh..Guess I spoke too soon..Maybe a Themer can help w/this issue..Sorry ya'll, I should have use the rom a bit more w/the theme before posting this..I PMd creator for assistance w/pulldown and awaiting his response. Again ya'll sorry for letting my excitement get the best of me and hope no one loaded this up right away..