BEME Is The Social Media App That Seeks To Present The Genuine You To The World

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jul 19, 2015.

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    Casey Neistat known for his many viral videos has come up with what i think is a pretty neat idea. He sees what we all see in traditional social media. The way we use social media for the most part is to present ourselves in the light we would like to be seen. If we post a video we have to exit the moment make sure it looks perfect in the frame and then only upload it if we see that its perfect. We do the same way with selfie shots or selfie videos. We take the video then scrutinize ourselves making changes before uploading to facebook or twitter.

    The new BEME app seeks to present the Genuine you to the world. It uses the proximity sensor in your cell phone to take pictures or record videos. Instead of pointing your phone at your kids or the concert and staring at the screen you place the phone on your chest covering the proximity sensor. The app then takes a small clip and instantly sends it to BEME for the world to see. You no longer have to exit your experience and you don't have a chance to scrutinize your video. The world gets to see the real you.

    Friends can watch your video once its posted by pressing and holding the video to launch. There are no like buttons or hearts. To indicate you like a video press the top corner of your screen to snap a realtime selfie of your smiling face! This is currently an IOS only app, but should be available for Android soon.
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    Interesting concept. Sadly, I doubt it'll really take off. Might be like another Snapchat or something, but people like to curate what they share and put the best face forward. I'll check it out when it comes to android, but part of my social media charm is that I don't always post the most flattering picture or video of myself. That's just my personality though. I like to entertain, so if I can post a picture of myself looking ridiculous and people laugh at it, I'm sold.