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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2' started by kevroc, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Well after a few days of struggling with this phone and exchange server I finally gave up and installed Touchdown. I also tried Roadsync. What I liked about Roadsync was that I could use it to just sync Contacts and Tasks and use the built-in Motorola app to manage calendar and email, but I'm tired of having to enter a pin code all the time so I removed the corporate exchange accout from motorola and decided to just use Touchdown. The syncing seems a little better to me, I like that I can control the color of the notification lights, I like that I can uncheck "defer server updates" so that changes on the phone get pushed right back. I like the main recap screen. I'm kind of bummed I can't use the built-in calendar app or email app, but the trade off seems worth it so far. At least until I return the phone for something else.
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