Battery Low Cannot Program

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    hey guys so i tried updating my razr maxx the other night to the OTA and half way through option 1 i got ran into this error.

    AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Flash Failure)
    eMMC Info: Size 16G
    To return to normal mode- first press power key to power down
    Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 0

    Battery Low
    Cannot Program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    Invalid GG OTV :) system): Invalid SP Data
    Invalid GG Version (GG:system)
    Invalid GG OTV (CC: system)

    i havent been able to use my razr all day and im really freaking out here. Does anyone know how to go about fixing this? Thanks

    Update: So I've got some more info to add. I loaded into the boot menu and try loading AP Fastboot and run the JellyBean Utility and wipe everything clean i constantly get lines saying FAILED(remote: Battery too low) So i tried leaving it in the charger all day at work today and when i got home im still getting the same error. Is my battery not charging even though its been in the wall?
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