Baidu Creates Android-based “Yi” Operating System, Dell Might Take Advantage

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    Carrier Baidu – one of the biggest in China – have created their own operating system (or faux operating system, if you will) that uses none other than our beloved Android as a base.

    Notice how stylistically similar it will look to MiUi and how it compares to Meizu’s interface for their Android phones. We suppose it’s a style that the Chinese love (or they really do just like copying anything Apple). While Android will be at the core, Baidu will strip out the “Googleness” and infuse it with their own apps and services, as well as those from their partners.

    Dell looks like they want to capitalize on this opportunity by offering up a device running “Yi” which is said to be the name of Baidu’s implementation. This information comes to us courtesy of Reuters. It could be a very great opportunity for Dell if approached right.

    Hearing of carriers and OEMs using Android as a basis for their own “OS” is nothing new but we’re always curious to see what these different entities come up with and it’s satisfying to see them prove just how flexible Android can be for an OEM who can’t completely develop their own solution.

    SOURCE:Baidu forks Android to create "Yi", Dell plans to support the new OS