Baby Savers is Now in Android Market

Discussion in 'Android Games Discussions' started by Shadez, Sep 7, 2010.

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    That’s right, Baby Savers is up on the Android market now. Thank you to all of our beta testers who helped us get this game ready for release. You can find Baby Savers by going to our market page on your phone, or by using the Barcode Scanner app to scan this QR code:


    Be on the lookout for a “Lite” version of the game in the next few days. It will have all the functionality of the game, but will end after 6 levels.
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    @Shadez thanks for posting that up for us. I wanted to jump on the forum and share a little about what we're planning. We've had a comment or two that site the fact that the game is simple and would be better if we added features and content. Luckily we were on the ball and had all ready planned to add at least one new feature, new content and have been talking about what else we can do with the game to give the players more of the awesome baby bouncing action!

    So here is how things look at present. We have the assets and the plans to add random debris that spits from the window and, if caught, will lock your firemen in place till the fire is stamped it out with your finger. We are also going to be adding music and more variance in successful baby delivery noises. We've been talking about modifiers to the game so you can play in a multitude of crazy ways. I can't go in to detail about that yet because it isn't a guaranteed thing. You'll just have to keep an eye out for whats coming.

    We do know people would like to see online leader boards and alternate control methods so we're looking in to how to do those things in a way that won't hurt game-play, lessen the fun or aggravate our programmers carpal tunnel. Finally a "Lite" version is on the way for those to stingy to drop the $.99 for the game. Rest assured those things are on our minds and we're working to bring them to life.

    I guess the ultimate message is that while the game is simple now and may not seem real valuable at $.99 there is plenty more value coming for those who choose to buy the game.

    For more information:
    Baby Savers
    FatHat Games
    @fathatgames on twitter