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    "Baby farm-animal sounds" - is a game for the youngest children, which will allow them to learn more about the world the animals.
    It is very simple and available for very young children, even up to 2 years it will become a guide in exploring the world of animals. Here domestic animals, which the baby is probably not seen in my life, because it will be very interesting to know what animals do exist and how they "say." All in the game employs 8 Pets: a cow,a dog, a goose, a pig, cat, sheep,lamb, chicken, horse.
    When you Press a finger at each animal, you can hear a funny sounds. For example: a dog barks, pig grunts, cow - moos, etc. In those moments when mom catastrophically do not enough time to do all the infinite housekeeping, this game can help her. You only need to teach a child to tap on the screen and the baby will be in for 10 minutes busy with this game. Little child learns to quickly recognize and differentiate between animals will remember the sounds that they "say" and soon will surprise all households onomatopoeia. We are sure that this game will be useful for mothers for teaching kids of early age.
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    WBR Baby educational learning games studio
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