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    well after weeks of reading i finally got around to rooting my tablet. i noticed that once the vzw update z4root would just hang and would not go past getting root access. so i read about superoneclick 1.7, i was skeptic but i gave it a shot. now the problem with superoneclick is that once i rooted and i try checking if i was fully rooted with root check from the market. well believe it or not i was not fully rooted according to root check. i did not know how to fix it but i knew i needed bootstrap, i was holding back because of all the bad reviews but i gave that a shot and sure enough it worked i had to pay for the app but that was not a problem. after that i did root check and was fully rooted. so my advice for those who root the vzw galaxy tab is to watch how you root your phone as for verizon tab bootstrap might not work. im still trying to figure this out as to why some users have issues and some dont. i just want to thank all who help and all who didnt, word of advice if your going to root your vzw tab to make sure you read ALOT before you do so, if not your going to end like many others with just a brick...once again thanks for all the help...
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