Artico Icon Pack For Custom Launchers

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    For most Android super users taking a phone out of the box and setting it up for the first time also means grabbing a 3rd party launcher to get rid of the OEM launcher. 3rd party launchers were all the rage back in the day when touchwiz and sense were super laggy. These days stock launchers are much faster, and don't ruin the experience as they once did.

    If you like a really clean look or if you like to customize your homescreen then custom launchers are still for you. One of the quickest and easiest ways to theme your device is to grab an icon pack which includes custom icons and wallpapers to match. The all new "Artico" icons by developer "kndrv." are pretty unique. They strive to bring a piece of ART to your homescreen. The icons cobine 3 basic and 2 supplementary colors to give your device a very clean and minimalist look. The icon pack also includes atmospheric wallpapers to complete the overall look. These icons will work on most 3rd party custom launchers. Grab these icons from the link below.

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