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    If you guys enjoyed the Rad Launcher Theme from a while back, you will be happy to learn that developer "DrumDestroyer" has just released a fresh launcher theme "Devoid" for your enjoyment. This is mostly like Rad but it is all white! This icon pack gives all of your app icons a custom look and feel. It changes the color scheme of all your app icons making them white and silver. Each icon appears to be a square button that hovers on the screen with a slight shadow dropped just behind the icon. In the center of the icon you have what appears to be the app logo cut out revealing the desktop wallpaper. Icons are rendered in HD 144x144xxhdpi giving them a sharp and clean look. Devoid features over 600 hand customized icons, more than 10 custom wallpapers, built in icon request feature just in case you happen to find any app icons in your app drawer that are not themed, and you will find that DrumDestroyer keeps his apps updated on a frequent basis meaning new app icons will come to this app regularly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This icon pack can only be used on custom launchers such as Aviate, Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Smart, Go, Inspire, Atom, Next, Holo, Mini, and more. Head to the link below to grab this icon pack for the very affordable price of just $1.

    Via Play Store
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    Cool! :)