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    If you are an Android developer, you will likely want to hear this. So many of you work your tails off for very little reward, and you are okay with it because you love what you do. We are all extremely grateful to you, the developer, for all of your contributions to the community.

    However, altruism aside, many developers work their magic in their "free" time, and have families to feed along with the rest of us, so a little extra cash can never hurt. Now, thanks to a contest being put on by Wired, Ars Technica, Reddit, and Sprint, there is the potential for a lot of extra cash - among some other nice prizes (especially if you are a Sprint/Evo user).

    From the Ars Technica article at the end of this post:
    The idea behind the Sprint 4G App Challenge is straightforward: submit your app in one of five categories, and it will be judged by me, along with some folks from WIRED, Reddit, and Sprint.

    Take a look at the prizes below:
    - $50,000 grand prize
    - an HTC EVO(TM) 4G with one-year of Sprint service (includes applicable taxes and surcharges)
    - a one-year membership to the Sprint Professional Developer Program (including 250 hours in the Virtual Developer Lab)
    - an invitation to WIRED's VIP party during the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas
    The five categories are: 1) Video, Multimedia & Augmented Reality; 2) Gaming; 3) Productivity, Business & Utilities; 4) Social Networking; 5) Entertainment.

    Yes, this piece of news has a bit of a "Sprint focus" to it, and most of us on likely use Verizon. But it's all Froyo, and I can't think of a developer that wouldn't want a chance at winning $50,000, or a free Evo, with service, to develop on. More from the sources below:

    Announcing the Ars/Wired/Reddit/Sprint Android App contest

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    the news is amazing