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    Badass Battery Monitor lives up to it's name:
    * Status bar notification for battery state and time left estimates
    * Detailed display of what is using your battery
    * Lists showing app usage allowing sorting by things such as CPU usage, Sensor usage, Wake Locks, Wake Time, etc.
    * Set a custom time reference to see stats over a certain period of time.
    * See time remaining estimates based on current and historical usage
    * Add a widget to your home screen showing the battery status and time remaining
    * Download or create your own icon themes
    * Set audible alarms to know when your battery has finished charging
    * Share and compare your average battery life with others
    If you have a Tablet, then you'll want to check out the Professional Edition. It includes:
    * Optimized views for Tablets or other devices with large screens.
    * More accurate time remaining estimates for devices such as tablets with long standby times.
    * Enhanced control over certain application options
    * More features to come!
    For more information including instructions on creating your own Icon Packs, see:
    NOTE: Please email me if you encounter any issues with this app.


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    Nevan on February 6, 2012 (Galaxy Tab 10.1 with version 2.5)


    This app will not allow you to prevent usage stastics being sent to the developer. This means a data drain as well as not been allowed to opt out of this data being sent which is not only very dodgy, its illegal. You can only "opt out" if you buy the full version. WTF? Install at your peril.

    [HR][/HR]cswroe on February 1, 2012 (HTC G2 with version 2.5)

    Great app.....

    But it seems to use quite a bit of RAM as a running service, 8+ MB Still, extremely useful.

    Sam on January 30, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 2.5)

    So useful

    Who is drinking my juice? Works as advertised. This app it's great for pinpointing what it's happening on my phone. Great stuff.

    Grab the APP for Free on the market here!


    2THEXTRM Member

    Nov 4, 2011
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    Central New York
    One of my most utilized Apps! Dev is very responsive! I beta tested recently for a couple additions to app I requested and market app was promptly updated thereafter.

    App is chock full of useful info to squeeze ur battery to its max!

    Try it, you'll like it;)

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