AOKP Hits 1Million Downloads! Releases Milestone! Nightlies Have Arrived!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Apr 17, 2013.

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    AOKP is second only to CyanogenMod in popularity! All of their hard work has paid off. Last night they announced that they have passed the 1 Million download mark! They add new devices and new features all the time, and are always moving to the next thing. No wonder they have become so popular. Team Kang is releasing the much anticipated JB MR1 Milestone 1. Some new features include NavRing, Tablet UI mode, nav bar widgets, and some UI enhancements. Many bugs have been squashed over a painstaking last few weeks to make for a clean and stable user experience. With the new Milestone Build AOKP has also announced they will end builds as we know it, and begin nightlies with a buildbot that will pump out untested nightlies every 4 days. Think of these builds as a snapshot of where development is at a given time. Nightlies should be considered beta builds and should be flashed with caution (make a nandroid backup). Sometimes changes are pushed that may break something somewhere else. If you run a nightly and find something is broken be sure to report it. New Milestone builds will be released once every month. I love where this Rom is headed. Here's to 1 Million more installs!


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