Anyway to have only Gmail contacts (not facebook)?

Discussion in 'HTC Rezound' started by kimintenn, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Is there anyway to set the Rezound up so that the only phone numbers and email addresses that you have on the phone are from your Gmail account? I'm specifically talking about when I send a gmail or make a phone call I don't want to be able to access all of the people on my Facebook account. I set up droid's gmail account with a very limited number of people in it because I don't want to have to wade through all of the FB people or accidentally call/email someone.

    With my other Droids they always only showed my Gmail contacts, but unfortunately the Rezound is bringing over all of my facebook contacts too even though I selected "do not sync" when I first logged into FB. I checked under settings/accounts&sync and even though I told it not to sync, it was syncing everything so I removed the account and the FB contacts were no longer showing up on the phone. Unfortunately when I try to start FB back up, it syncs even if I tell it not too.

    Anybody have a work around so that only Gmail contacts will show up on the phone? Thanks in advance! I'm really loving the Rezound, just need to work out a few small issues. Fortunately those issues are minor compared to the signal problems I had with my Nexus.
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    Open up the "People" app or open up the phone and select the "People" tab at the bottom, then at the top, to the right of "People" you will see a drop down arrow, tap it, and deselect any group off contacts that you don't want to show up.
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