any settings to NOT use spmo files?

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    I put a 200 to 300 family photos on a 16G microSD card on my D2G to carry a family photo album around. I have had nothing but problems since. I can dump the photos, and make most of the issues diminish, but with the CPU, I don't think hardware is the issue. The 2.2 OS, and/or the Gallery app, seems to be be behind all the freeze ups and god awful performance. I've read enough to recognize that the OS is trying to build large!! spmo files to "increase the speed" of accessing jpgs. That's a joke. I see that the OS wants to make a thumbnail of each picture to store for rapid access. That wouldn't be so bad if the OS didn't lock up and crash repeatedly trying to process the list of pics. And it appears that once the spmo files get large, then the OS has to wrestle those every time you use the camera. Therefore taking pictures is questionable if any get recorded while the system chokes on internal database wrangling. Wiping the spmo files and the thumbnails makes most problems go away. Any way to turn this feature off?
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