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    Just thought I'd throw my two cents in the pile since I've purchased all these products...

    Extended Battery
    Lap Dock
    Car Dock
    Media Dock

    They all work perfectly together... as a matter of fact I would say the docks were specifically designed to fit better with the extended battery installed... you can feel it when you mount it in the docks... when the phone is set up with the regular battery it makes contact with the docks only on the ends and feels *loose*... maybe not loose but a little sloppy... but when you add the extended battery there's a nice snug feeling that lines up the charge/HDMI ports a lot easier and more precisely ... so don't question the docks... it's not a squeeze fit... it's a perfect fit... it was designed that way and you'll see it when you snap it in...

    More about the battery...

    I love it...
    ..just about doubles the phone's usable time..
    ..adds just a small amount of thickness..
    ..adds a little bit of weight, making the phone feel more stout and DROIDY in my hand..
    ..cover fits better and doesn't have that squeaky, jiggly feel the stock cover had...doesn't effect sound at all...

    Just remember it's gonna take a long time to charge from dead... like 6 HOURS or more... make sure to use the stock Motorola charger with the balls to charge this big boy... if you're charging with one of those cheap 300mAh chargers and trying to use the phone at the same time it don't even get anywhere.. all you're doing is roasting the battery...(you can feel it... it gets really hot)... I felt it with a crappy car charger I had.. drove for 7 hours with the navigation running and the battery came off at 30% just like when I plugged it in... and hot like crazy ... you should be using a charger with 850mAh or better... if you're not.. you're just shortening your battery's life span in the long run...


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