Android Keyboard having seizures

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    I've had my android phone for over 2 years now, yes I need an upgrade. Now it's had its little issues before like battery dying way too early and freezing here and there, but one in a while I encounter this strange issue that no one, not even my techy friends, have seen the likes of before.

    My keyboard will freak out and start typing things that I'm not even trying to type. Like I have a four digit password on my phone at login and it is 1146 (none of you are going to steal my phone in person, it's just a login pw, no big deal, some people just have theirs set to slide the screen) and when I go to type in 1146 it comes out as 1772884999666666 or some nonsense. Also, if I can magically unlock my phone, the keybaord is all junked upside too. Like typing a text that should say "hey what's up?" comes out as "ihuf u eu heuiuue iii" or something like that.

    It even shows which keys are being "pressed" by highlighting them and my finger is nowhere near that key. Like if I hit 1, across the keyboard 9 will light up and a 7 will appear on the screen. If I leave my finger lingering on the 1 key it'll start seizing and hitting all sorts of random buttons. It's like my phone was at a disco.

    It's done this only once ever before and it went away within a day or so. It happened again today and nothing specific fixed it. When it first happened I turned it off and on manually for hours, nothing changed. Then I took the battery out and kept it out for a while then put it back in, still junked up. Then for some weird reason while trying to login it just randomly started working right.

    Tonight I restarted it twice, then took the battery out four times. I then even hit the screen with my hand thinking something was loose or squished. Nothing worked. So I jsut turned it on, pluged it into the charger then BAM it's all fine now.

    What causes this and what is making it work normally again? Has anyone ever seen this before?
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