Android Car interface with Factory audio system?

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    I want to be able to interface/stream my Android with my 2005 Acura TL factory stereo an control it threw the Head set also the best way....please offer your $.02. I have been using a I Simple Gateway system for years with a IPod and HD radio gadgets you can plug an play to the OEM factory head unit as this details

    iSimple GateWay Overview - YouTube


    but it is all about /bias to the IPod/IPhone sadly. The only way I can do it with it is to get rid of my IPod or HD radio and use the Blue Tooth Gadget

    or use the head phone jack and only be able to skip from one song to next as this shows. Really would like to keep my IPod and HD radio...could care less about the OEM satellite radio if that is a option to use and get rid of it an replace it with the Android in some way.

    Before some one says just get a after market head unit.....I have a better then factory system I kinda know my stuff but need to get up to date on using a Android an been using a JL Clean Sweep.

    JL Audio Cleansweep - YouTube

    CleanSweep: Chapter 1 of 6 - YouTube

    With a JL HD900 Amp

    JL Audio HD 900/5, a quick overview - YouTube

    Breakers Stereo, Car Stereo Oxnard How to tune a JL Audio 900/5 amp - YouTube

    With two JL W6 Subs

    Sonic Electronix Contest Entry - JL W6 Subwoofer Review - YouTube
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