Android Auto Issues

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by FunN4Lo, Dec 12, 2016.

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    I have a Samy S4 on 5.0.1, but this issue seams to run the gambit of phones makes and OS's.

    I am in the market for an Android Auto enabled radio/head unit. Before I buy one, I thought I would try out Android Auto on my phone as it is supposed to work directly on the phone now.

    When I try to open AA, I get the error message "Something went wrong. Google Play services doesn't seem to be working now"

    There are fixes on the interwebs for folks that have a head unit, however I do not have one yet.

    I have tried uninstalling and installing AA, clearing cache on both AA and GP services. Nothing helped

    One fix I read said to uninstall GP services updates, and then let them auto update. However, the "Uninstall Updates" button is grayed out for me.

    Any help for a different fix, or help with a method to uninstall GP services updates?