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    Aug 16, 2013
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    So in order to make search even easier and faster on Android, I developed this Android app called Fast Search
    Link:Fast Search

    Fast Search is a unique search overlay that helps you search your apps, contacts, music from anywhere on your android phone.
    Key Features:
    -- Can be pulled from anywhere within your phone by click on the left/right edge that overlays on top of the screen
    -- Can be launched from the notification bar
    -- Can customize the look and feel of the edges
    -- Can customize what you want to search

    How to use?
    - Touch the left/right colored edge on your screen
    - The 'Go' key on the soft keyboard, the trackball and the 'Enter' key launch the first suggested item
    - The first time app sync may take some seconds

    Logo: fs_logo.png fs_tray_2.png fs_tray.png fs_color.png fs_home.png
    What do you guys think?