An android game with console graphics, 16 x anti-aliasing, and more

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    Yes, it IS possible, as shown by:

    In the game, you explore a 3D maze in first person, trying to survive and collect treasure as long as possible while avoiding the enemies and deadly traps in the dungeon.

    -Incredible next generation console-like graphics with:
    ...>16 x Anti-Aliasing
    ...>Realistic Ray Traced Shadows
    ...>Lighting Effects
    ...>Highly detailed 3D models and textures
    ...>Particle Effects
    -Action-packed exploration gameplay!
    -Tablet Support!
    -One/no permissions! (only licensing on the full version; no scary permissions!:) )

    At the moment there might be some lag with lower end phones, however we are working on this issue. We have also confirmed that both the HTC Incredible & Droid 2 run the game fine.

    This is the first game being released, so we're extremely excited.dancedroid If you like the game, please rate it and comment, and if you have any feedback, please post it below.

    We hope you enjoy our first game,
    Velvet Void Games

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