Adding Taganize auto dial button to email signature

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    Hello All,

    I have a account and want to use it to add an auto dial button to my email signature on my smartphone so that those reading my email have easier time to make the call to me. EG: one tap instead of 10 taps. More so, If I am not on their contact list!

    So far I have done the following:

    1. Created Folder 'My email signature'
    2. Created tag with name 'Telephone #' and Target URL using URI tel:00-country code-area code-number (FYI: 00 replaces +)
    3. When I go to this tags drop down menu and click 'view details' I can see the assigned url at the bottom of the box and copied it into my email message as a simple url.
    4. When the receiving party receives my email they can click that url and it actually dials my telephone number from their smartphone, so thats really cool.
    5. But I want to add an icon to my email signature so this Taganize hyperlink can be associated to it.
    6. Does anyone know a real good client that can do this for me please?

    Alternatively, an email template may work but I'll keep all options open.

    Thank you very much!