5 Amazing 3D Games For Droid Phone

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    A big reason why many people don’t want to buy an Android phone is the lack of good games for this operating system. Of course, there are a lot of simple arcade games that can be quite entertaining, but nothing compares to a good 3D game experience, especially when it’s on a portable device. I am happy to share it with you guys/

    Check it:

    5 Amazing 3D Games For Droid Phone
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    This is a pretty old article, though. Right now, there are MANY more 3D games out there that pretty much slaughter these 5 games in 3D quality. Some are not available in the market, though. The Gameloft HD series games come to mind.

    Also, another very impressive title that isn't in the market at this time is Need For Speed: Shift. If you manually install the APK that's floating around, the full version can be purchased from within the app.

    Impressive 3D titles that come to mind that ARE in the market:

    Skies of Glory
    FIFA '10
    My Paper Plane 2

    and a whole slew of other titles that I can't recall the names of......
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