5.9.905 to 5.9.902

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    I made a mess of my Bionic after trying to downgrade from the leaked 5.9.905 to 5.9.902. I am trying to downgrade from the leaked 5.9.905 version to 5.9.902 and do the official 5.9.905 OTA update. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find the file for downgrading back to 5.9.902. Could someone please post the file for downgrading from 5.9.905 to 5.9.902. I found the file here (link below) but I get the installation failed message. Not sure if it is the correct zip file. Thanks.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0i09xhbc....9.902.xt875.verizon.en.us_cfc_01.xml (1).zip
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