[4.0+] DataBox - Store all your data in a organized way

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    Hi, I am a (NEW) Android developer, I just published my first application in the google play and I would be very grateful if you could take a look. The application's name is DataBox and it is used to save data in a organized way. The users create templates and later they use them to collect data. Templates can be of any kind; maintenance of my car, places to visit, the health records of my son,... Anything you can think of.

    • Free app (ad supported, limited to three DataBox)
    • Different kinds of visualization templates: list, calendar, map, gallery
    • You can share your DataBox templates with anothers users, (you can include your data too)
    • You can do backups of your DataBox.
    • You can create shortcuts of your DataBox in your desktop

    Premium features
    • No ads
    • You can create more than three DataBox

    Playstore url:

    I hope that you would find the application as useful as me.

    Could you help me telling me few suggestions or bugs?

    Thanks in advance,