ZTE Claims that Huawei Ripped Off Their 'Grand S' Design for the Nexus 6P


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Dec 30, 2010
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Do these two phones in the comparison shot above look similar to each other? The answer is an obvious yes, but is the design a blatant "copy"? That's a tough one to answer. Despite that, ZTE's marketing chief, Lu Qian Hao, recently implied that the new Huawei Nexus 6P is a ripoff of the ZTE Grand S design.

We must admit the design aesthetics are remarkably alike, especially the camera hump at the top. It could also be argued that the particular camera setup requires a specific design language that is similar. What do you folks think? Was this a case of Huawei "aping" ZTE, or was it simply the logical evolution of trying to make that larger dual-camera setup look pleasing to the eye?

Source: PhoneArena
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Well, since the DroidX was the first I can remember with a bump at the top, couldn't Motorola acuse ZTE of the same thing?
Omg, a rectangle is a rectangle is a rectangle. No they don't look at all similar, not anymore than any rectangle smart phone looks like another rectangle one. ZTE's camera hump is very different than Huawei's camera hump. ZTE does not have a power button, fingerprint sensor on the back, etc, etc.

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Flash in a different place. Don't look alike to me, except they both have a black bar. How is that copying design style.
ZTE = Sour Grapes that they didn't get Nexus?
Sorry to say, I see more Chinese phone companies with phones looking more like Galaxys or iPhones than these look alike.

Careful. Apple may sue both saying they had a camera on the back first.
I read a similar article on this subject earlier today and they made the great point that ZTE hasn't manufactured this phone since 2013. If they're really infringing on something that amazing, why stop using the design?
I can't take these types of things seriously. Phone companies saying other phone companies ripped off their design for a phone, to me, is like Coke saying that Pepsi ripped off their plastic bottle design. This is all Apple's fault.
They both look like a old Motorola Droid

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Triangles with fold out displays will be the design of the future...I hope not LOL..