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Jul 30, 2010
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When i open youtube i get this message saying "There was a problem with the network response" and the Most Viewed movies don't seem to load up. I can search and load movies perfectly fine though. I tried this with wifi as well as 3g both do the same thing. I tried pulling battery n such things and nothing made it go away.

Its just annoying having this popup when i go to youtube and i would like to get rid of it without having to do a factory reset and lose all my apps.
I have the exact same problem... has anyone figured out how to fix this... its really annoying!!!
Have you rooted ur moto X??

I had the same problem till i rooted

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You need to log out from your youtube account and log in again this will fix the issues
How to go about logging out of youtube account.

For a slow droid user such as myself, explain how to go about logging out of my youtube account and logging back into. Thanks for your help!