YEAH baby! My Demo will be here today!

Jul 12, 2010
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**NOTE 3/7/2011: If you have a question or questions about the phone that you want to ask, please click "Search this Thread" above and do a keyword search. I understand that with the enormous amount of pages in this thread, it can be daunting to read them all, but chances are I have answered your question(s). If you can't find anything, please ask away!

Just got a call from my VZW Account Manager and she is dropping off the Thunderbolt to me this afternoon! It is a Demo unit and I have to sign a non-disclosure form, but my day just got a whole lot better!

All I can say to this news is: WINNING!
:icon_ banana:dancedroid

-Added picture of the phone, box and my username as "proof" I have the phone... :)

-Added a standard picture of my cat (#5), and then two more where I used special settings on the phone's camera (Sepia and "Depth of Field").

Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube of my cat, Joba, playing in a cardboard box. (Sorry, I don't think there is any way that I can share the video with you other than via YouTube.) PLEASE NOTE: This video is not HD quality, it is Widescreen mode.[ame=""]Sample Video[/ame]


Added new improved photo of my cat, I think it is much better lighting and really good. (I named it "BestPhoto')

Here is a HD (720p) video taken with the TBolt: [ame=""]Sample HD Video[/ame]
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Great News Johnboy....

And let's keep this OT...
I will of course submit my "review" of this as soon as I have played with the phone for a day or two... at least as much as I can say about it. (I will have to read the VZW form this time to see what I can and can't do.)
Awesome to hear.. can't wait to get your review/opinion.. also of course any more information on a date would be nice.. :) just sayin...
I think everybody on this forum already does. Haha.... I mean Ur gonna have it for some days I only had it for some hours. I wanted to take it. But I Prolly would have lost my job with VZW. Well enjoy it. I know I did.

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Well, I asked her if she got a release date, but she said they were not told of a date, and in most cases many sites "leak" the info before she finds out about it from her boss. I have a feeling that we will see it either the 3rd or the 10th.

My reasoning for thinking it is close: She told me last Sunday (the 27th) that they had the phone, but she couldn't give it to me because "it didn't have a SIM card." I took that to mean code for "there is something wrong with it and I can't give it to you with it having some issues." I have been asking her almost daily if she got the card and the past two days she didn't respond, then today she called me and said she was dropping it off. (This was shortly after I read that the VZW CEO said that it was coming "REAL SOON.")

I am connecting the dots with my assumptions, but regardless, I can wait for it as long as I need to provided it is as good as it promises to be... I'd rather have a great phone with no bugs later than expected rather than a buggy phone early!
Well lucky you. I have a feeling you are right about the release being close. I suspect that this round of testing will go through the weekend and if everyone reports back that its good to go we will see it on the 10th.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we all think you will. Let us know what you can!!
To state the obvious keep in mind the NDA as you post here.

Yeah, that's why I am going to ask for a photocopy this time. The last one I signed was for a Windows 7 phone, so I didn't really care about it. This one, I do care! :)

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Non Disclosure Agreement. Basically, a gag order imposed by the manufacturer preventing the reviewer or possessor of said device from talking about certain details regarding said device.
DANG I shoulda known that. It's cool tho I'm not gettin no other phone but the TBolt. I've wanted a phone like this since the evo came out and honestly if I ain't wrk for VZW I'd a gone with that one.

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One thing I will not be able to review is the LTE 4G connection... I live in the Syracuse, NY area and don't have plans to go to Rochester or NYC anytime soon (which are the two closest cities with LTE).