Yak Fisherman Checking in


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Jun 22, 2010
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Tallahassee, Florida
I run a kayak fishing club below Tallahassee, Florida and I currently own a Blackberry on Sprint, but I have reserved a Motorola Droid X at Best Buy two days ago and I was the 12 person to sign on there. I'm looking forward to using a new phone. I was in the ditches when Microsoft was fidgeting with their mobile software on handhelds and used in on the phone and thought is was great for email. But when i went to Blackberry I absolutely loved the fact that I did not have to shut down apps all the time and it runs flwlessly but the Sprint service is shaky and does not switch between towers very well when on the go. My compadres lovethe Verizon in my neck of the woods so I am making the switch.:droideris: