X2 issues and Verizon swap?


May 24, 2011
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Hello I currently have a lot of issues for my Verizon Droid x2:
Random reboots almost everyday
The touch screen will just stop working until I do a battery pull.
When I go to make a call it will notice the touch but won't do the call.
Overall its just become extremely slow... and I've done two master resets in the past couple months. Which helps for a day or two but it will do it again. Im wondering if I can exchange this phone for another Droid phone though Verizon or an iPhone for the battery life? I'm just curious to see if I can get away from this phone


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Swap them some money and they will swap you a phone. The warranty is for the same device.

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Have had many issues with my OG DX back when GB was introduced to it. Had a few like new replacements sent to me only to find out they all SUCKED! So when I called up CS I had explained everything and my apparent anger with my overall issues. My girlfriend had the DX as well with same problems. They offered both me and my girl a swap out with any of the current 3G Droids they had. I picked the X2 and my girl swapped her DX for the INC2. They even sent us both extended batteries and backs. You'd be suprised what you can get if you call up customer service and get the right person. Hopefully this shines some light on your situation. Let us know how it goes.

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Usually after 4 replacement they will swap you for same like device iv heard they been doing razr

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They wouldnt replace it with a 4G phone though. In their eyes thats a non-profit transaction. If you signed on your plan with a 3G device and have had replacements and are not satisfied they can swap out with a similar device. In the OP's case it would be any choice of the top 3G phones. Which the X2 being one of them...the only other option is a Incredible 2; maybe the Droid 3. But I dont kbow if youd want a slide out keyboard. Does have a front facing camera though. Or your other options would be to downgrade. Say the Original Droid X. Maybe Droid 2. Could always go BB. But swaping to a 4G would almost be impossible without paying more money. I know and I've had over 20 like new replacements until I finally got a decent good working Droid X2. But if you can get a 4G, that would be awesome. Let us know, would like to maybe try that myself since I've found it impossible to do. Good luck with whatever it may be though.

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Well i had the x2 and they sent me a new bionic

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Hmmm. Sounds nice...wish they'd do somthing like that for me. Like I said, i've had abouy 20 replacements until I finally got a DECENT X2. If anyone else has been able to swap out their 3G for a 4G device let me know.

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