X Music MP3 software? space?


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Dec 11, 2010
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I realize that many people use ITunes for their music. I have NO EXPERIENCE with ITunes.

ALL of my music continues to be on CD. I've been experiementing with RIPping my CD's to MP3 on to my PC using Windows Media Player.

I'd like to move the music from PC to my Droid X.

What's my best overall options?

1. Converting from CD to MP3, is that the best?
2. Using Windows Media Player, is that the best? I understand that there are other free software available.
3. Which App works best on Droid X?
4. How much music with the Droid X hold?

I like WinAMP for Android personally. From what I understand, it makes syncing your music to your phone really easy if you use WinAMP on Windows. I would personally avoid ripping CDs using Windows Media Player because it seems to randomly revert to converting to .wma files instead of MP3.

Anyway, hope this helps :3

Edit: the phone's music storage is limited only by the size of your MicroSD card. If you haven't changed it yet, that's probably around 6-7GB.

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