Wugfresh Nexusy Root Toolkit Updated! Now Supports 4.3 On New Nexus 7


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit has always been the go to toolkit for nexus devices for those of us who prefer to do things easily with a simple mouse click. I personally prefer to do things manually, and I feel like if you are going to own a developer device it is always a good thing to learn how to root and flash recovery via fastboot. That being said, who doesn't like easy? In this fast paced world it can be difficult to make time to learn to do these task manually. This is where tool kits and one clicks can really be handy. The fact that the Wugfresh NRT supports all Nexus devices really makes this particular toolkit unique among toolkits. Many other toolkit devs make their tk's to support a particular device. Another standout feature of this tool kit is the fact that it comes complete with a full driver install guide.

The latest version of the NRT includes support for the latest and greatest Nexusy device, the New Nexus 7! The toolkit has many options including backup/restore, bootloader unlock, root, custom recovery install, flash stock + unroot, and oem lock. It should be noted that the flash stock option will not work on the New Nexus 7 since there is currently no stock image available. You can download this awesome tool kit from the link below.

via Wugfresh.com
Bad link. Goes to the USB kernel ROM for the Nexus 7.