Wont let me connect to any accounts?


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Dec 26, 2011
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New Jersey
On my Droid X when I went to "My Accounts" it gave me the option to link to a Facebook account, Twitter account, and a huge list of options. In my gallery, I was able to quick upload to Facebook. And when I downloaded the Facebook app, it linked all my contacts to their FB pictures. I can not do ANY of that on this phone. My accounts only let me link to Google and other unnecessary accounts. And I cant link any of my contact pictures to Facebook. Nor does it give me any option to quick upload my pictures to anywhere relevant. I'm not sure if my Razr just needs to catch up with some things? Or if there's something wrong with it? Any clue?
Also out of curiosity, when you guys go to "My Accounts" what options does it give you all? And can any of you guys quick upload to facebook, or link contacts with Facebook?
I've had an issue and Im on my 2nd Razr (got my 1st one on 12/13 and had to replaced it a few days later b/c the charging port stopped working). I am not able to upload pics to FB. It says I have to link accounts (which I did a few days ago) and when I click the FB button it says I can have only one active FB account at a time. Does anyone know what this happens? Also when I try to UL while in FB, it acts like it UL but no picture appears on my page or profile anywhere.

Help is appreciated in advance!!
Still no resolution to this one? This is just the problem I'm having. This used to work for me but I don't do a lot of Facebooking so it could have stopped any time and I'd not have known so I have no real clues of my own to offer.
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Now that I think of it, I had to do a reset some time back. Prior to the reset my main Gmail account for the phone was the same as the email I use for Facebook. I used a different email to setup my phone after the reset. I don't see how that could be it but what do I know?