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Jul 3, 2013
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Hello My name is Winfred. I am tall ,good looking, perfect body figure and sexy. hahahaha Just kiddding... I love android which brings me here. I wanna android developer. I hope this forum will help me.
Welcome aboard Winfred!
Welcome to the forum.. You go with your bad self... Haha.. Glad you joined us

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lol, welcome to the site Winfred! ;)
Sorry for bad joke to All... LOL ....Thanks Man!!!! I like this forum.. <33 <3
You'll have to leave now, I'm the only tall, good looking, sexy guy with a perfect body allowed on thus forum. :D

Welcome! I'd like to learn Android, so maybe we can be study buddies. LOL!

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Welcome to the site. If you are rich too, let me know. :p This is the right place to be for general development.
Welcome to DF Winfred!! :)
Glad you joined us. :)