Windows 8 Tether?


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Jan 6, 2013
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Hello all,

I searched through the threads on this topic already a bit, but didn't find much that was useful/applied to me.

I have a Droid Razr M running 4.1.2, which I just successfully rooted today. I installed the Wifi Tether TrevE Mod app today to try and tether my new Windows 8 tablet (Asus VivoTab Smart), and have so far not had any success. The wifi network is broadcasting from my phone, and my tablet picks it up, but only connects to the "limited" connectivity level, or depending on the settings in-app, won't connect at all. I've seen a few places that I might have to enable ad-hoc networking, which I haven't tried yet.

Does anyone have tips for the configuration settings I need for the app or for Win8 to make wifi tethering work?
I have a non-rooted Bionic. I use foxfi with a Win8 laptop with no issues.
I have a non-rooted Bionic. I use foxfi with a Win8 laptop with no issues.

I tried Foxfi before I rooted and that worked, but the speed was much slower than the speeds I can get on my phone (using the app). Do you happen to know if the speed is better with the paid version of Foxfi?
there may be a newer version of the tether here you could try
i just looked at the treve mod, if your using the vpn as it suggest, thats where the speed decrease is coming from.
unless im missing something, i dont see where you need the vpn for this to work anyways (i could be wrong).
Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
I hadn't set up a VPN on Foxfi, it worked without it.
I'm also having a hard time getting it to show up in the available networks list. It only appears sometimes.
with the treve mod, try turning off the vpn and see how things act.
i pay for the hotspot and every time i try to use a vpn with it on i get issues.
seems like there are several options where things could go wrong lol
i doubt i will be of any help, not that i have been so far :) but "Step 12. You can check logs by hitting Menu button->Show Log. If you don’t see any errors you are good to go."
does it say anything in the logs?
Nope :( The app loads just fine, but my tablet isn't connecting to the wifi. There are so many settings, I'm not sure if the ones offered on the guide are right for Win8. I tried changing some of them, but no luck
did you try the one i suggested in post #4?
maybe you will have better luck
the one you are using was built last year according to the download page.
Yes I did, thank you for posting that. I also just realized that there are a bunch of updates that were waiting to be installed on the tablet, so I'll see if anything changes after the updates.
Why don't you use SQLite and make the entitlement check. Make the 1 a 0 and you can use your phones hotspot. It is much better than any other apk you can down load.