Windows 7 Bluetooth Pairing Issue


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Jan 6, 2011
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Hi all.

I've spent much of my day trying to pair my new Droid X with my Windows 7 (32bit) laptop to no avail. I've tried to use the drivers that are installed via USB once the Droid is hooked up with no luck. I've even used the seemingly foolproof method of installing Windows Mobile Center and then installing the device drivers from there and adding that to the missing drivers that show up when the X and my laptop are paired.

When I connect I get 3 drivers that show... 1 is a "Standard Modem Over Bluetooth link" device, and then I get two "Bluetooth Peripheral Devices" listed that need drivers. I've tried to use the Windows Mobile Center devices added on to those, which kind of seems to work. However, the computer still doesn't fully recognize the Droid X (the info on the device is generally blank under properties and the icon used for the phone does not update to an image of the X).

It would seem that a set of drivers from Motorola would solve this issue, but I haven't found anything of the sort and Microsoft is less than helpful.

Anyone run into this particular problem?