Wifi not automatically connecting


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Apr 20, 2012
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Hi all

I'm using Smart Actions to recognize my location. The trigger is based on what wireless network it connects to (only two defined, work and home). I don't have any smart actions to disable wifi.

The issue is, sometimes I will go from my car, into work. The WAP is literally sitting at my desk, yet my phone does not automatically cut over to wifi. I usually have to go to Settings>Wireless and turn Wifi back on. Then it works, and Smart Actions kicks in. The phone's battery has sufficient charge when this is happening. Any ideas? Is there a setting to force the phone to connect to the access point, when its in range? And is there another setting to prevent wifi from shutting off?

I find that smart actions get confused when I manually toggle things like Bluetooth/wi-fi instead of letting smart actions do it

I have a car smart action that turns off wi-fi while in the car but when I pull into my driveway the phone detects my home network location and turns of Bluetooth, if i was to toggle Bluetooth or wi-fi manually smart actions would show an error and would not work correctly

also try setting a specific time trigger in addition to your to your location trigger and see if this makes any difference
I was having this problem until I downloaded "Verizon Wi-Fi Auto On".
Now Smart Actions work flawlessly.
I was having this problem until I downloaded "Verizon Wi-Fi Auto On".
Now Smart Actions work flawlessly.

+1 on the Verizon app.
It uses your cell location to turn wifi on or off.. I have home & work set and works awesome. Allowing smart actions to take over after.

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I can't find that Verizon app. Is it under Verizon's App store? I'm still trying to navigate my way around this, its completely new to me.

Anyway, I've found that if I let the phone sit there for 5 or so minutes, it eventually connects. But then again, I came home tonight, and Wifi was turned off. I wonder if my Smart Actions for the car is causing it..hmmm