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Aug 4, 2010
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bGoog.com has just released a free Black Google search app for Android!!

It's available on Google Play or you can install the attached APK file. Feedback welcomed...

"Saves battery power, loads faster, uses less data which saves money, reduces eye strain and looks awesome!
Black is green with the first mobile energy saving search powered by Google.
AMOLED screens benefit the most, saving up to 7x the power, so it's time to give your battery a break!"

☆ Text & Voice Search ☆ Instant Suggestions
☆ Home Widget & Icons ☆ Image Search
☆ Search History ☆ Modern & Classic Mode
☆ Search Filtering ☆ Results Per Page

Screenshots and instructions:

Screenshot1.pngScreenshot2.pngScreenshot3.png Screenshot4.png

★ Instructions ★

• Add Home Screen Widget
✞ Long Press Home Screen > Widgets > Black Google [or]
✞ Apps > Widgets > Black Google (Reboot may be required.)

• Add Home Screen Icon
✞ Apps > Long Press Icon > Add to Home

• Configure Search Button
✞ Short|Long Press Search > Check 'Use by default' > Black Google|Voice Search
☆ Using short press may require disabling default Google, see steps below.

• Disable Default Google
✞ Settings > Applications > All > (Google) Search > Disable|Uninstall [or]
✞ Settings > Applications > Manage Apps > All > (Google) Search > Clear defaults [or]
✞ Home > Menu > Manage Applications > All > Search > Disable
☆ Some versions like Ice Cream Sandwich require a free launcher, such as Nova, to remove the default search bar.

• Search Settings
✞ Black Google > Perform any search > Settings
✞ Black Google > Perform any search > Modern | Classic

• Clear Search History
✞ Black Google > Menu > Settings > Clear Shortcuts > OK

• Set Home Page
✞ Browser > Menu > More > Settings > Set Home Page

• Uninstall
✞ Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Black Google > Uninstall

★ Steps may vary slightly depending on Android version.


  • BlackGoogleMobile-v1.0.apk.zip
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THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! Been theming my D4 little by little and this app makes it look so much sicker. Also thanks for telling us how to disable regular search

Sent from my ICS flavored DROID4
Black Google Mobile just released a sweet update with:
▪ Voice Actions Express
▪ Multiple Widget Styles (4 to pick from!)
▪ Multiple Widget Sizes (x2,x3,x4,x5)

Google Play/Android Market:

Amazon Appstore for Android:
Amazon.com: Black Google Mobile: Appstore for Android

Screenshot1.png Screenshot8.png


You can use Voice Actions in Voice Search to perform actions in addition to just searching the web.

▪ "Image(s) of" or "Picture(s) of" followed by a search phrase.

[ MAPS ]
▪ "Map" or "Directions" followed by an address, name, type of business, or other "from" and "to" locations.
▪ "Navigate to," followed by an address, name, type of business, or other destination.

▪ "Videos of" or "YouTube" followed by a search phrase.

▪ "Listen to" followed by words for music you want to search for, such as the name of a song, artist, or album.
☆ Will load any installed app that supports the action, otherwise YouTube opens with the results.

▪ "Send text" or "Send SMS", optionally "To" one or more contacts, with optional "Message" followed by the message.
▪ "Send email", optionally "To" one or more contacts, with optional "Subject" followed by a subject, and with "Message" followed by the message.
▪ "Tweet" followed by the message (requires app that supports action).

[ CALL ]
▪ "Call" followed by a name from your contacts, optionally followed by "home," "mobile", "work" or "other".
▪ "Call" followed by the digits of a phone number.

▪ "Wiki" or "Wikipedia" followed by a search phrase.
▪ "Go to" or "Open" followed by a popular search phrase or URL.

[ TIME ]
▪ "Set alarm"
▪ "Open calendar"