Who has gone through a career change?


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Nov 11, 2009
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Just curious, who here has gone through a career change? I've been thinking about the possibility alot lately and wonder if anyone had some words of wisdom or would like to share their experience.
Been through a few. I've worked offshore until I got my able body seaman card then quit. Worked as a line cook & gladly quit that. Worked as a compounding pharmacy tech. That was a cool job but wasn't for me. Shrimped, built houses & boats and did land surveying. Now I'm a field engineer for a large construction company building my 2 high rise. I think this is where I'll stay.

Just remember, whatever you do, enjoy your job. I wake up & am happy to come to work. If I woke up every day with the "this job sucks" attitude then I'd find something else. Take your time, find what you want to do & try it. You're still young enough to bounce around before settling in to a career you like

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20 years in the military. Retired from the USAF at 39. Used my benefits to become a nurse.
5 years as an oncology RN. I look back on my previous career like it was another life a long time ago.
Go for it. You don't want to do the same thing until u die
Wow @CJM , you been everywhere. Glad you found something you like to do.

@bruben7886 USAF huh? I almost did the same thing 2yrs after HS, I found myself in the Navy office though. Couldn't go through with it though. And thank you for your service.

Yeah, been a ton on my mind about how I'm going down life right now. Can't say I'm too happy about it so far, but it's the path I chose. My field and what I studied (Behavioral Sciences with Psych) is a tough field that doesn't pay too well without that advanced degree. I've always loved technology though, and pursued an engineering path before figuring out it wasn't for me, but thinking of getting back into doing something with tech. Jumping fields seems pretty challenging though.
Fast food as a teen.. auto detailing, Navy, data communications tech, auto mechanic.. Musician, sound engineering, radio dj, (forgot to add) otr OD load truck driving..
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I went from a business owner to a company that was and is number 1 in it's field. The transition from working for yourself to working for someone was not as easy as I thought it would be.
I've been through a number of career changes over the years. Sous chef at a French restaurant, roofing, masonry, truck driver, moving company, auto body, IT, and a couple different corporate gigs. Currently with the same company for the last 18 years.
IMO, it's important that you don't limit yourself to only one field. What sounds glamorous or interesting on paper (or while you're in school) often ends up being completely different than what you end up experiencing. You don't always know what you'll enjoy doing until you're actually doing it. Some people enjoy working with other people, some enjoy working with their hands creating something, some people enjoy sitting behind a desk. I say get out there while you're young and get some experience doing a number of different things. Their will be ups and downs in every field, just don't be afraid to put yourself out there and try something completely different.
As long as you have a strong work ethic and you enjoy what you're doing, you'll always be successful. It's worked great for me.....so far.

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Let's see, I began my working career as a paperboy.
Was a cook in a family diner.
Dishwasher in another family diner.
Worked at a movie theater.
Became assistant manager at another theater in the chain.
Assistant manager at Hot Topic.
Directory assistance operator.
Manager at Taco Bell in the evening & worked for a contractor during the day. (LONG days)
Cashier & cart getter at Target.
Final line assembler at an aircraft manufacturer.
At my current company, I was a Certified Nurse Aide, then a maintenance man/van driver for a couple years each before my current position as IT Director.

So, yeah. I've been through a few changes. I wholeheartedly agree that you have to like what you do, but who you work for/with is just as important.

I could be making considerably more money in my current field, but my employer was willing to give me a chance after completing this degree that others weren't (went on several interviews that never panned out).

That's not to say I wouldn't seriously consider a position elsewhere for better pay, but I'm getting a chance to set things up my way & learn hands on from the contractor(s) that did all of our original setup & have all been in the field for quite some time.

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Nope. Started in IT and have never left. Been thinking about going back to nursing school.
My career change was taking early retirement. It takes some getting used to but I don't really miss my old career very much.

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I started working as a painter during college, then transferred into Architecture college, and at the same time residential framing and remodeling, then I got my CA Gen Contractors license and did more custom homes and remodeling. Remodeling slowed so I transferred into commercial construction, as a superintendent. After 911 construction slowed a bit and I was offered the facility management job at a pharmaceutical I built. After 2 years and figuring I was bored as a FM I got the call to come back to building commercial again, built several more concrete and steel medium to high rise and mixed use buildings. The recession of 08-12 turned my construction management direction to government construction, building for the Navy/ Marines and US Army Corp of Engineers, finally in the Summer of 14 I was able to come back to Commercial construction management. 30+- yrs of building and construction management, I love to build, and see things be built, 20+ to retirement, then back to my GC to have homes built again...
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Wow, a bunch of you definitely jumped around fields and all seem very happy where you're at currently. That's honestly encouraging news for me and I appreciate you all sharing your experiences. Seems like the thing I need to change is my mentality and really sell myself to different companies and fields. Learn to "sell myself" a bit better and have a bit more confidence in my own abilities and experience.

I started this thread because my thoughts have been everywhere past few days. All the experiences and stories shared here have given me hope and encouragement, so thank you all for that. Hope others can contribute and share a little bit about their own story.
For those that did switch (and switch multiple times), how the heck did you get into another field. Connections?
It depends on what you're looking to get into.
In reality, it all boils down to drive and determination. Whatever field you're interested in, speak to person in charge and SELL yourself. You may need to start at the bottom and work your way up, but once you show them you're a hard worker and take pride in what you do, you'll quickly advance.

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Most of the jobs I've had were customer service related, so those were easy to get. As for management positions, I worked my way up to Manager from regular employee at the Movie Theater. After that, it was just a matter of selling myself as capable of being an assistant manager somewhere like that with more employees than any of the places I've applied for management positions at since.

Construction, that was my cousin's business, but I had experience building sets for a theater group, so at least I knew my way around the required tools, if nothing else, so I played that up.

Aircraft, I played up the whole working with tools thing even further.

Like cr6 said, sell yourself. You definitely don't want to make it look like you know/can do more than you actually can, but make darn sure that they feel like you're confident in what you DO know and willing and capable of learning anything else that you might need.
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