Which Thunderbolt car dock - HTC or iGrip?


Apr 30, 2010
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I've read good things about each dock. Does anyone have a recommendation of which one to get? Can anyone tell me if the iGrip dock has a clip on the back for an audio cable, so you don't have to fumble for it every time? The DX dock had one and it was extremely convenient, I assume the iGrip dock has one too but I haven't seen it mentioned.

Also, I assume the HTC one has pass-through charging, correct? (this one - Amazon.com: HTC Thunderbolt Car Mount: Cell Phones & Accessories )
Yeah, you plug your charger into the HTC dock and leave it alone from then on out. Putting the phone into the dock hooks it into the charger. I didn't use the window mount per say, I used the dash setup. The problem with dash setups is, most dashboards have curves to them, and trying to stick a flat surface onto a curved one via 3M tape is never easy. I test fit mine in a few places and found a pretty flat surface in a convenient area. I took the piece that mounts to the dash and using a VERY FLAT headed screw I screwed it into that area... Note: I'm not worried about putting a screw hole in my dash lol. Anyway, I used the flattest screw I could find and put it dead center into the piece that sticks onto the dash because the window mount needs to pull suction on the piece you just screwed into the dash.

Apparently it works, I put it on over a month ago and it hasn't budged yet. Only downside for me is it doesn't work with the extended battery and case I have on my phone anymore.