Where did you buy Your DROID, What Did you with it. How Much Out the Door !!


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Oct 31, 2009
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In a van by the River......
I'm going to be ordering the droid this weekend but something doesn't seem right....

What's the difference between unlimited data usage and unlimited web browsing?

* PDA/Smartphone Unlimited
o Unlimited data usage
o Unlimited access to corporate or personal email accounts and web browsing

* Email and Web for Smartphone
Unlimited access to personal POP3/IMAP email accounts and web browsing

There seems to be different configurations with the 450 minute plan that I want and it ranges from $70-$80-$110 a month. (Letstalk.com, overstock.com, and verizon's site)

I don't want to be locked into the wrong plan for 2 years...

you can change the plan at any time... but to be honest you dont need the 44 dollar plan the 29 dollar plan is what 99% of people need... the 44 dollar plan is if you need verizon to host an exchange email account for you.

i get a good discount through my girls work(fidelity Investments) so i got my DROID for 119 bucks with an early upgrade through the website. Would have been 99 bucks if it werent for the 20 dollar fee to upgrade early.

we get 24% off the bill 25% off phones and accessories plus i had a credit sitting on the account.